Transmedia & Innovative developments in digital publishing


On the 2nd December, TISP Project organized the seminar “Transmedia & Innovative developments in digital publishing” in the frame of FICOD.

Transmedia storytelling uses multiple media and formats to build the story that reaches the reader, a reader in a wide sense as in Transmedia he can be also viewer or player. It involves the use of different platforms such as text, games, videos or social networks as support for the same transmedia story and, given their hybrid nature, it also offers a high degree of interactivity to users. The enormous potential of this type of narrative invite to innovate, to develop new digital technologies and applications, and to create new content and business models.

The session counted on four experts that covered together the transmedia concept and status in Europe, ePUB and Readium as the meeting point between publishing and transmedia, and also examples from SMEs that are already applying transmedia to their commercial developments.

The session moderated by Jose Tomas Romero secretary of eNEM platform counted with leader speakers that explained trends and novelties in digital publishing.

Santi Fort (Eurecat) introduced the Transmedia concept to the audience and affirmed that end user has to be an active part on storytelling, making their own contributions and generating content. Moreover, presented the development and conclusions of the Eurotransmedia Project and invited companies to join it, a place to support innovation to creative industries and to enhance relationship amongst Transmedia and culture.

Cyril Labordrie (EDRLab), explained the development regarding EPUB and the Readium Foundation. The EPUB format is an open and interoperable standard for eBooks. Its version EPUB3 is specially appropriated for Transmedia content. Moreover, EDRLab offers with Readium an open software specific for EPUB3. EDRlab has an European headquarter where all the players of digital publishing ecosystem are invited to take part.

Madelón Lánchez (Magic Tales), presented an implementation case of Transmedia, integrating audio-visual content respecting the look & feel of the comic and offering different functionalities as well as interactivity to the reader. It´s a remarkable example of international collaboration between different entities, where plot and illustration are crucial but they also count with animation experts and as is the case of Magic Tales specialization in sound effects, music and voice.

More information: #againstthegrain, an Enhanced Comic Production Story.

Oscar Chabrera (Vilynx) Company with offices in Spain and United States, explained an innovative way of presenting videos, with multiple screens and how it could be apply to eBooks. They counted also the collaboration with, where Vilynx technology has been used to sell IeBooks.

This session will provide an overview of the transmedia storytelling through selected examples, with special focus in the field of digital publishing. The meeting is promoted by the European network TISP (Technology and Innovation for Smart Publishing), consisting of 25 members from 12 countries. If you wish to receive all our initiatives, contact to