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What´s eNEM?

eNEM is the Spanish Platform of Multimedia Technologies and Digital Content.

It is a networking group focused on innovation with more than 300 members that counts with entities with different portfolio of profiles, mostly SMEs, big companies, Research Centers and Universities.

eNEM tackles aspects of R&D and innovation of the digital content and creative and cultural industries. It includes sectors and technologies like media and audiovisual, videogaming, animation, digital publishing, e-commerce, internet 3D, virtual and augmented reality, interfaces, simulation, e-learning, apps, transmedia, interactivity, big data amongst others.

eNEM is one of the integrated groups of the European platform NEM (New European Media). At national nevel, in the framework of innovation, we are mainly connected to the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda, CDTI and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

What does eNEM do?

The digital content and creative cultural industries have a crucial importance in the Spanish economy. Within the sector we find some companies with international references, but it is also very fragmented: mostly these entities are startups and micro SMEs.

The objective of eNEM is fostering and support the R&D and innovation in the field of digital content, creative and cultural industries at national and European level.

AMETIC acts as the Secretary of the platform eNEM since its creation in 2005. Our main tasks are:

  • Creation and boosting of the Network to achieve a whole portfolio of members that covers all the technologies and markets through digital contents and creative cultural industries.
  • Definition of the strategy amongst our members to have a common dialogue with a strong strategy based on innovation.
  • Support to the projects fostering the creation of consortiums, advising and informing entities of the financial opportunities at European and national level.
  • Dialogue with the Administration. On a collaborative basis, we synchronize interests amongst companies, entities and the Administration to take advantage of public and private resources to invest in R&D. We also take part and organize events with the Administration.

How can you join eNEM?

Membership is free and open to all. Please apply by using online registration

Please contact Belen Piorno if you require further information.